The Wedding Rite

Couples wishing to be united in holy matrimony at Shiloh must call or come in to the church office to schedule the date and time for the ceremony. The dates for the wedding day and the wedding rehearsal must not conflict with previously scheduled dates of meetings and/or functions at Shiloh.

The designated officiant will schedule counseling sessions with the couple at the officiant’s discretion. Couples should attend no less than three (perhaps more) counseling sessions prior to their wedding. The initial or final session will include a discussion on the specifics concerning the ceremony, i.e. unity candle, serving of communion, music, musician, solos, exchanging traditional and/or individual vows, single/double rings, video and/or picture-taking, shar-ing of ministerial duties if another minister is participating, etc.

NOTE: The designated officiant or designee will oversee the wedding rehearsal and work in conjunction with the wedding coordinator. The rehearsal is usually conducted the evening before the day of the wedding. All involved participants are expected to be present and on time for the wedding rehearsal. If the couple desires to have their wedding reception in the Family Life Center Multipurpose Room, paperwork must be completed and arrangements for the reception meal must be discussed with the Shiloh Development Corporation (SDC) Director. Fees are imposed in accordance with the policies of SDC.

The Day of the Wedding: If the bridal party must dress at the church, accommodations will be made available. Candelabras, candles, floor runners and decorations are the sole responsibility of the couple. Although the Shiloh Maintenance Department will do general clean-up following the ceremony, if the bridal party has elected to dress and prepare them-selves at the church, it is expected that they will tidy up after themselves in the room or rooms they occupied prior to the ceremony.