Panel Discussion Questions - Youth

  1. What one thing you believe will work to break teh cycle of young people entering the juvenile justice system? Can you give an example of a program or model that is working or would work?
  2. How would you reshape or correct school discipline policies and practices that have been historically more punitive and unfair toward students and parents or color?
  3. Do you know of any school that has a program in place whereby everyone receives fair and equal treatment for breaking school policies and rules? Please explain.
  4. As a young voice, have you participated in a group or community event that helped strengthen and bring the community together? Briefly explain how this event impacted you and the community.
  5. What action or steps can be taken by young people to address racial bias and racism in the various systems (educational, criminal justice, child protective services, news media, corporate, housing, etc.) in the community?
  6. What solutions or steps would you recommend to move forward in order to heal a racially divided community?